Armadaillicious Summer BBQ

Today we bring you the lineup for the first of at least two underground heavy metal/rock fests this summer.  This one showcases local talent and takes place on June 26th.  The other one we know about, set for August 8th, will feature mostly touring acts and its lineup should be announced later this week.  While absolutely solid from start to finish, the secret weapon for the Armadillicious festival is Ed Mundell, longtime MONSTER MAGNET gutarist and current resident of the City of Devils.  Although still a member of that legendary band, Ed is about to release his first solo record entitled Space Time Employment Agency.  We're definitely interested to hear what he can do on his own.               

5PM Door | Blue Star 2100 East 15th St. Downtown LA 90021 | 21+ | $7

From Rock n' Roll's sonorous sanctuary, aka downtown LA's Blue Star Bar, Armadillicious Music proudly brings you what's sure to be this summer's absolute best Rock and BBQ blowout.  Los Angeles' true torch-bearing denizens of uproarious musical destruction, in a variety of forms, will be showing up and tearing off the bar's corrugated tin roof and crumbling the surrounding brick and mortar buildings to the ground.  Fear not, though you may be blown away by what you see and hear, you will assuredly be rooted to your spot as each artist bruises, breaks and then buries you with their respective wall of sound.  This is an event not to be missed.  There will also be cheap, tasty eats to satisfy your stomach as the blistering rock satisfies your soul. 

Our exciting lineup is as follows:

6:00PM JOE MORA - What can be said about the rare treat of Joey Mora's acoustic set?  From the halls of HDR steps the man behind the music.  Not only can his guitar playing and vocals translate into an acoustic set, he's so adept at songwriting it can be appreciated both in the electric as well as in the realm to which we will be treated.  His set is sure to be a sonic delight in and of itself.

7:00PM MOAB - While an undeniable homage to Black Sabbath is apparent, they retain an originality, which leads them to be aurally captivating in their own right.  Their engaging guitar solos leave the listener wanting more.  MOAB's driving, hypnotic, sludgy doom is sure to take you tripping down a dark path.

8:00PM HALLOWED ENGINE - Southern fried thick riffs and nonstop energy are brought to the stage with a vengeance.  Their guitar-driven, bass-heavy, groove-laden tunes are further enhanced by lead singing bass player Laurie Es, whose voice is tailor-made for rock n' roll.  All of these components fit perfectly into the steamrolling sound that is Hallowed Engine.  They will leave you with a down-home, homegrown feeling brought by no other Los Angeles band at this time.

9:00PM ANGUS KHAN -  Music to melt your face by are the very first words that come to mind.  Brutal, unrelenting biker metal explodes right before your very eyes.  Make no mistake, their ear-ripping anthems are punctuated by the repeated assault to your senses.  They combine true-to-life rock n' roll music with stage antics that leave the lucky listener's mouth agape.  Such an ideal combination of a visual feast coupled with the roaring blasts of hooks and beats will bombard you into overload.  Beware, a pummeling is insured no matter what.

10:00PM ED MUNDELL'S ULTRA-ELECTRIC-MEGA-GALACTIC - With a discography as long as our arm, including his seminal work in Monster Magnet, Ed Mundell should need no introduction.  However, in case you aren't in the know, this special guest side project infuses his signature superfuzz sound deep into the essence that is progrock.  These adventurous arrangements will stretch your imagination and set you spiraling on an infinite journey.  As you travel amongst the stars, floating and drifting into the limitless universe, it becomes a dream within a dream and you're sure to enjoy the ride.

11:00PM SASQUATCH - Wreaking havoc with their third Small Stone release, Sasquatch lead the way with their fiery brand of rock n' roll.  You'll hear 70's hard rock mixed with a dash of metal carried by an unmistakable undercurrent of psychedelic sounds which permeate their songs.  The hook is the focus and that's exactly what they do - hook you in and hold you hostage with a super-heavy, bone-crunching onslaught carrying you from one tight tune to another, leaving you eager with anticipation.  Sasquatch will not only knock you on your ass, their collective boot will keep you pinned to the ground.

MIDN BEHOLD! THE MONOLITH - An impenetrable powerhouse is what you're confronting.  You are just never sure how each tune pushed you up against that cold, unforgiving cement.  Suddenly the music shoves you from behind and that wall cracks, causing you to fall into the unfathomable depths of the Underlord's monstrous abyss.  Unbeknownst to you, you become, caught, trapped in a web from which there is no escape. You writhe in sweet agony only to discover you are to be feasted upon and there's nothing you can do about it.

This is a showcase that promises to ignite and continue to inflame the passion of Los Angeles' bonafide down n' dirty rock n' roll. These musical soldiers of sonic fortune keep the true spirit of of the genre alive.  Ranging from acoustic to sludge, from Southern fried to face melting, there will be, without question, something for everyone. Show up and shake some action!