Get Up On Down

Joe Preston has played bass with the best:  EARTH, THE MELVINS, HIGH ON FIRE, HARVEY MILK and SUNN O))), just to name the most familiar of his former collaborators.  But he has given all that up to focus his energy on what he loves most:  playing with himself.  Being the proud loners we are, we respect that choice.  On Saturday, he brings his one man band THRONES to Three Clubs, as we present another show with Ovrcast.  Sure, our name isn't on the flyer, but that's not going to stop us from claiming responsibility.  So what does THRONES sound like?  Dusted gives it to us straight  "Live, Thrones are a towering inferno of doom-metal, with Preston usually helming a double neck bass, a triggered drum machine and a shelf of pedals by which synths, vocal effects, and multi tracked guitar/bass line emit."  And surprise, it will be loud.

Along for the ride is a Portland band going by the name of HOT VICTORY.  When we heard that moniker, we immediately thought electropop.  But that can't be right - there's no way Mr. Preston is traveling with the sugary sweet kind.  Based on their bio, our instincts didn't completely fail us.  There's plenty of synths, just no pop:

Caitlin and Ben cascade lights-on-lights-off over a yogurt of electronic wash-pulse (Erik Hanson). A drum kit was pieced together from a beer keg, the base of a metal lamp, buckets, requisite kicks and snares, and stacks of cymbals fit for garbage. Ben and Caitlin do not each play their own separate drum kit, but rather sit next to each other, sharing the intonated trash. Some contact microphones and an echo pedal are rigged up to the beer keg and lamp base, so every time they get the girth of a drum stick they ring off like some otherworldly gong. Then, all of a sudden synthesized kalimba joins the echo-cadence; everyone's in a three minute trance. Then Erik turns the distortion up on the snare drums WAY TOO LOUD but Ben and Caitlin like it, so they thrash.     

Enjoy this flyer made by Camerin Kelly, who along with being an artist also fronts the opener LANTVRN, a local group that mines the dark worlds of goth and shoegaze to create a sound that finds few parallels.