Praise The Lords

It's time for another installment of our now almost weekly free show series with Ovrcast.  This week's event features LORDS, a metal/punk/hardcore hybrid trio all the way from the bourbon capital of the world, Louisville, Kentucky.  They play technically deft action-packed songs that rarely exceed the two minute mark, and should make fans of bands like AKIMBO and YOUNG WIDOWS pretty happy.   It might get a little rowdy in the Three Clubs, because 16 is also playing, and that band prompted a rare mosh pit (at least for our shows) a few weeks ago at the same venue.  Bars usually frown on that sort of activity, but the participants that evening thankfully acted with impressive self-restraint (except for the moron in the KKK hoodie who proved to us all he can't handle his intoxicants) and we encourage similar behavior again.  There's very few clubs with a sound system as good as Three Clubs that will allow us to do free shows and tolerate our music.  We're also excited to see the local power trio BASTARD for the first time.  The Motorhead-obsessed Professoer Bunkum sent that band a few questions so we could get to know them:           

You are a three piece, with a singer who plays a Rickenbacker bass and the name “Bastard,” which was supposedly a name Lemmy thought about for Motorhead.  So, how important is Motorhead to you?

When we started the band we we just set to make a band like Motorhead and got the name from that. As far as Motorhead's importance, they are just Loud and Dirty, something appealing to dickheads like us.

What is the best Motorhead album or song after 1990?

Overnight Sensation

Top 3 non-Motorhead metal trios?

Venom, ZZ Top, Cream 

Can you play any song by Budgie?


Your website mentions Rosemead Blvd.  Does Bastard stock up on meat at Clearman’s North Woods Restaurant?

It's a good restaraunt but we don't eat there. We eat a bunch of crap food and fuel up on booze at Clearman's Galley next door.

How many more death metal albums can the world handle?

As many that don't suck and have strumming that sounds like a bouzouki.

What’s the best dive bar in Rosemead?

Que's Bar and Grill though it's has a small playspace & the bartenders hardly know english.

What are your favorite non-hair metal LA bands from the 80’s?

Suicidal Tendencies and Black Flag

Would you kick a writer’s ass if he described Bastard as “the un-thinking man’s High On Fire”?

No. Only his face and ribs.