Vagabonds of the Western Coast

We don't know if this is a widespread phenomenon, but from our partially obstructed vantage point up in the hills, Los Angeles is at the forefront of the movement to rediscover Thin Lizzy.  Earlier today, LA Weekly's West Coast Sound posted a blog entry called "Night Horse Resurrects Thin Lizzy with 'Rollin' On".  But before the NIGHT HORSE record sees the light of day, another group of Thin Lizzy disciples, Pasadena's GYPSYHAWK, will release their debut album Patience and Perseverence on July 6th.  They got Professor Bunkum's seal of approval (trust me - that's a rare feat) earlier this year after an evening shooting the shit in downtown Sierra Madre.  But a lot of credit for making Thin Lizzy legit again for metalheads must go to MASTODON, who not only covered 'Emeralds" for an extra track on the Japanese version of Remission, but also sat down for an impromptu acoustic performance of that song along with Thin Lizzy's own Scott Gorham: 

Pretty sweet, indeed.   But GYPSYHAWK's Eric Harris, now a long way from the sound of his former band, SKELETONWITCH, does sport the Thin Lizzy tattoo, and that's got to count for something.  You can check it out for yourself at their record release party on June 19th at Echo Curio, with support by HUNTRESS and LUNGBUTTER.  Pre-party that evening at the Gold Room.  Drinks on us.     

Here's the press release.  What doesn't belong?

San Francisco-based record label Creator-Destructor is proud to announce a partnership with Pasadena, Calif.’s GYPSYHAWK. Clocking in at over an hour, the debut album from the band entitled Patience and Perseverance features 12 tracks of classic rock/heavy metal, and is slated for a July 6 release in the US. Several tracks from the forthcoming effort are available at the band’s recently revamped myspace page (, including a glimpse into the album’s contemporized, 70s rock-influenced artwork.

In a decided departure from his former band’s blackened-thrash tendencies, former Skeletonwitch bassist Eric Harris takes up double duty, grabbing the microphone and bass guitar alongside bandmates Andrew Packer, Scotty Conant (guitars) and Joe Fabio (drums) with GYPSYHAWK drawing inspirations from (and yielding comparisons to) Thin Lizzy, Deep Purple,Motorhead, and the like. While writing and recording songs for a debut demoEP at Fabio’s home studio, Creator-Destructor offered to step in and lend a hand with a full-length release in the form of a gatefold vinyl packagewith multiple color configurations, as well as a digipak CD release.  Preorders for the release have begun at

Recording wrapped in late April with producer/mixer Zack Ohren (All Shall Perish, Light This City, Heartsounds) in Oakland which also featured GYPSYHAWK’s first Bay Area show. The band is now back in the Los Angeles area and wrapping up plans for a two week tour in July support of their debut. Dates for that trek, which will hit cities along the West Coast, will be available soon, as well as more information about artwork and the double LP configurations of Patience And Perseverance.

"Gypsyhawk, an L.A.-based band intent on recounting and representing the elements that made metal so enjoyable in its infancy: twin guitars, melodic vocals, killer grooves and solos. Lots of solos." –

"...They are seriously playing from the heart, and Harris’s world-weary vocals belie life experience beyond his years..." – City Of

"Picture Thin Lizzy, Deep Purple and Slough Feg jamming over brews and doobs behind a wall of amps and twin guitar leads, and you get the idea."

"This is the type of material that makes it clear that, had Gypsyhawk been an obscure and under-acknowledged band actually from the 70’s and this their album, it would be considered a stone cold classic and be fetching insane sums on e-bay.... A band to watch, if they can grow from here it’s going to get scary good." –