Saturday Night is All Right for Sodomy

We credit the title to Martin of Ovrcast.  It was the subject of the email he sent out attaching the bad ass poster you see below.  I'm not sure what the title has to do with this week's show, but apparently it's a rule he lives by.  A more fitting title for this show might be "Saturday Night Is All Right For Government-Sponsored Homicide."  See, the local bands bookending the lineup have an interest in that sort of killing.  HUNTRESS, with their EP Off With Her Head, likes it medieval style:  quick, bloody and without hesitation.  EXECUTION PROTOCOL, a band we spoke with a while ago but have yet to witness live, is more interested in the modern process:  deliberate, supposedly cautious, orchestrated.  One that has resulted in a 54 page "BOP Execution Protocol" for a certain Timothy McVeigh.  A document that includes pre-, during and post-execution checklists, as well as a contingency plan and a procedure to deal with the news media.  If only that kind of effort was made before tapping into a black vein of oil 5 miles below sea level.

In between are two out of town bands that we know too little about.  THE FUCKING WRATH, hailing from nearby Ventura, is a band that seems to have the respect of everyone that has seen them.  Their last record received these kind words from Etan Rosenbloom aka Cerebral Metalhead,         

I gotta imagine that if Season of Evil were released a mere twenty-five years earlier, we might cite it in the same hallowed tones as Ace of Spades and Kill 'em All

Maybe all you need to know about San Diego's ARCHONS is that Toshi Kosai produced their soon to be released record.  He's the guy that met the MELVINS while doing engineering work for TOOL, and has gone on to pair up with Dale Crover as Deaf Nephews, the Neptunes of the metal world, to produce the SHRINEBUILDER and TWEAK BIRD albums.  ARCHONS shreds in a HIGH ON FIRE kind of way. 

So the upshot is that this week's show is diverse and solid from top to bottom, and maybe most importantly, fucking free.  Because freedom is what they tell us Independence Day is all about.  As an added bonus, the 45'S OF FURY will be downstairs spinning old soul and R&B tracks to soothe your tortured souls.  And finally, as we head into this holiday weekend, keep in mind the final words of mankiller Aileen Wuornos (you may know her from Monster) as she was about to experience the full might of the State of Florida:

"Yes, I would just like to say I'm sailing with the rock, and I'll be back, like Independence Day with Jesus..."

God bless you, and may God bless the United States of America.