Vacation At A New Destination

On August 1st, Pete Majors will open a new door to Vacation Vinyl.  At the end of this month, the Los Feliz location will be no more and the store will find a new home in Silverlake, right next to the mothership, The Secret Headquarters, in the heart of Sunset Junction at 3815 W. Sunset Blvd.  More foot traffic is the reason that they gave me.  This blog started just before Vacation opened in early 2009.  Somehow we've both survived.  The last in-store at the Los Feliz location takes place tomorrow night at 7 PM.  Philadelphia's ROSETTA will be playing us out with their so-called "metal for astronauts" before they headline The Blvd. later that night.  The Grill 'Em All Truck will be on the street providing the sustenance in solid form.  Colt 45 will be providing the liquid form inside in 16 ounce tallboys.  Come celebrate a new beginning.