All Paths to Chaos Go Through Three Clubs

We're back this Saturday at Three Clubs for another free night of metal featuring two of the rising black metal bands  from the City of Devils.  New York's LITURGY was supposed to headline this show, but illness forced them to cancel their tour, and we are fortunate to have LIGHTNING SWORDS OF DEATH step in before they circle the country beginning next week in support of JUNGLE ROT.  Their recent Metal Blade release, The Extradimensional Wound, is pure fury.  Invisible Oranges calls it a "minor classic", docking points for a production that doesn't quite do the band justice, but LSOD are far from the first black metal band to suffer that problem.  What's basically undisputed is that this band brings it live, causing even a man of inner conviction like Cosmo Lee to temporarily question his atheism.  They'll be joined by HARASSOR, another local band buillding quite a reputation for its performances.  There's absolutely nothing contrived about Pete Major's intensity as a frontman.  The lone out of town group is NERO ORDER, a quintessential San Francisco band that meldins a variety of influences with progressive overtones on their self-released and recorded to tape four part full-length debut, The Tower.  And be kind to the bartenders at the club.  They universally rule.