Black Math Horseman Ticket Giveaway

We've three pairs of tickets to give away for this Saturday's BLACK MATH HORSEMAN show at Spaceland with CROOKED COWBOY, San Francisco's GIANT SQUID, and BROTHERS COLLATERAL (featuring ex-400 Blows drummer Ferdie).  Casual readers of this blog know we've been big supporters of BMH.  We've proudly presented them so many times this year that we wouldn't be surprised if they serve us with a restraining order.  Their past shows at this venue have always been something special, with their big sound making it feel like they might just elevate that low ceiling with only acoustic energy.  The band's recent blog post suggests that the attendees will be exposed to some new material:  

We've been focused on writing and working up new music/songs for the next record.  We're excited bout the new songs and look forward to playing some new music at our upcoming show/s.  This is our first local show in a while, and our only show of the summer. Hope you can join us. 

CROOKED COWBOY is another band we've been writing about but without the benefit of experiencing their live set.  That's always a potential dealbreaker for any looming love affair, and although we have a crazy Saturday in store that will require us to pull off a rare tripleheader, we'd like to finally break our maiden.  And be sure to get there in time to catch GIANT SQUID.  Their 2009 release The Ichthyologist was unappreciated by the masses, in part because there weren't that many copies to go around.  Doug Moore of Metal Review explains why you should make an effort to procure one.     

When people ask me why I like metal, I rarely know what to say. Often I give them an answer that’s true for a lot of the metal I enjoy: it’s basically fun, rock-out music. Many of my favorite metal acts are pretty silly, despite their badass riffage and sick drumming, so pointing to that silliness as part of metal’s appeal is both true and convenient. But, like any metal fan, I find some heavy bands deeply and genuinely affecting. Sure, any good metal act can make you bang your head, but a select few can reach you on a more fundamental, emotional level. Most outsiders find the idea of emotionally viable heavy metal hard to swallow, so I prefer to simply play bands that fall into that category for them and grin as their eyes bug out of their heads. Giant Squid is one of those bands.    

If you want to enter the contest, email us your full name to or contact us here before noon on Thursday.

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