The Return of Early Man

On Saturday night, EARLY MAN plays their first LA show since the release of their first LP in 5 years, Death Potion.  So how does that record compare to their debut that caused many to describe them as the modern day WITCHFINDER GENERAL?  Here's one take on it:

 On Closing In, I kind of got Black Sabbath meets Kreator – but I don’t feel the Sabbath in their new record at all.  Death Potion is harder and thrashier than Early Man have ever been, with more of a Slayer meets Mercyful Fate feeling at this point in their career. They’ve toured with one of my favorite bands – 3 Inches of Blood – and 3 Inches fans should absolutely love this record as well. A song like “Fight” definitely has that same epic feel as a 3 Inches of Blood tune, but with angrier lyrics like “all right, so you wanna fight/my fists are sticks of dynamite/ fuck you if you’re talkin’ to me/my fuel goes quick like TNT” rather than “destroying orcs and dungeons and dragons” type material.

Also playing the last stop of a mini-tour in support of their first full length, Raven God Amongst Us, is VALDUR, the only band we know from the Mammoth Lakes region.  Described as "one of the best kept secrets in USBM" in this recent interview by Metal Flows in My Veins, VALDUR made a great impression on us when they played the Mountain Bar a few months ago.  When you add to the lineup CITY OF DEVILS favorites HUNTRESS (whose new material reveals a band finding their true identity) and power trio BASTARD, and then you charge no cover, it's pretty evident that the party will be on.  We suggest an early arrival.