We're Back

Our vacation has come to an end.  There's nothing like sleeping on the ground for a few nights to remind you how truly fucking old you are.  And for those nights, we were also completely disconnected from the digital world, a situation that was more unsettling than we had wanted it to be.  A definite highlight was getting to see ROADSAW, a Boston band that has been putting records out on Small Stone for as long as we can remember.  Those guys told us they hope to be out here later this year supporting labelmates and LA's own SASQUATCH, who are riding high following the release of their   ROADSAW also clued us in that MONDO GENERATOR has canceled their upcoming tour, including the final September 2nd show at Spaceland (with TWEAK BIRD and FATSO JETSON) that we were supposed to present.  A bummer for sure, but the reasons for it may payoff.  

So as we catch up on the emails and all the other bullshit that makes this volunteer gig so rewarding, let's take a look at some pics Adam Murray took from the evening of July 31st at Three Clubs.  The whole collection can be found on his blog.  And we're also proud to let you know that Adam was hired by Brooklyn Vegan, a much more widely read blog than our electronic rag, to cover the Power of the Riff Festival.  You can check out those pics in their full beauty here.      

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