Got Job?

There's quite a few of you that like to share their unemployment status with us when they write in for free tickets.  It's so sadly common that it's hardly a distinguishing factor in our decisions.  So for all of you looking for that elusive job, here's a part-time opportunity that will not only pay, but also give you hard to find experience in music with our friends at FLY PR.  God luck and good speed!

 Fly PR Part Time Assistant Position Open

:: Application Instructions ::
Applications are being accepted via email only.  Applicants should send the materials listed below to: 
- Cover letter 
- Resume 
- 3 brief writing samples 
- 3 professional references
(Please do not call us, mail or fax over materials.)  

- punctual and polite
- able to follow instructions exactly; able to learn quickly
- able to execute projects with precision
- strong communications skills (email, phone, in-person)
- strong organizational skills; able to multi-task; acutely detail-oriented
- office/clerical experience or similar a plus
- Mac experience helpful
- two-years of college or similar
- able to make 12-month commitment
- must have own transportation for errands, attending events, etc.

Job Description:
Fly PR offers an unconventional work atmosphere which emphasizes and nurtures creative and unique approaches to publicity.  We work predominantly with independent music clients (record labels, artists, managers, producers, promoters).  We also work with green business and entrepreneurs (The Climate RegistrySilver Lake Chamber of Commerce).  We are very hands-on and work closely with clients to insure successful publicity campaigns. We always treat the media contacts we work with respectfully.  First and foremost we are professional and polite to everyone we work with. The assistant should be available to attend live music shows, and other work-related functions and events occasionally. Public relations/music industry experience helpful, but not required.  Assistant works only on professional projects and tasks (no personal assisting).  I expect employees to get their work done during their shifts and not have them staying late to get things done.

Fly PR has an eclectic roster of clients including:
- art rock
- proto punk
- metal
- women and feminist artists
- singer/song writer
- alternative rock
- punk
- hard rock/stoner rock
- experimental and avant-garde

One of our main clients is Smog Veil Records. We also work with filmmakers, authors and others.  See our website for more details.

Duties Include:
Pitching media outlets via phone and email; concentrating on tour press and fanzines; set-up interviews; exhaustive and result generating follow-up with media contacts and others; researching appropriate press and media contacts for campaigns; tracking all work in database and update reports exactly as prescribed in the protocol; updating data-base continuously; interfacing with labels, managers, artists and other clients; administrative support and some office management duties; assuming responsibility for Fly PR Internship Program; tracking all media coverage, processing all press clips electronically and sometimes cutting and pasting clips, duplicating and archiving press materials; running errands locally (copy shop, post office, Staples, etc.); organizing press packages; implementing mailouts/handling fulfillment; writing press materials; handling day-to-day publicity tasks;  interacting with all levels of industry associates (from the editors of fanzines and indie blogs, to label heads and prominent musicians and journalists); creating a positive and energized work environment.