Boris Ticket Giveaway

Last night was Heavy Mondays at Footsies.  After my planned departure time had slipped past by an hour or two (mostly because it was not easy to say goodbye to the jubilant DJs and that bottle of Wild Turkey 101), I found myself shooting the shit with with Cosmo Lee of Invisible Oranges and this weekend's BORIS shows came up.  Mr. Lee said without hesitation:  "BORIS is not metal."  Maybe he's right.  Like the band that inspired their name, BORIS has given us an extensive discography that confounds those that insist on placing bands within the boundaries of any particular genre.  Still, while their biggest supporters (such as Aquarius Records) embrace them generally for their avid experimentalism, BORIS is cherished mostly for is doom/sludge output:  Feedbacker, Amplifier Worship, and Heavy Rocks, for example.  Those titles say it all.  And their forays into drone are absolutely rewarding.  Altar, their collaboration with SUNN O))), may be both bands' finest work.   For fuck's sake - you don't find yourself on Southern Lord Records unless you bring the noise.  Boris has, and they always will.  In the last few years, Boris has mellowed relatively, with much of their recent material trending towards psychedelia, shoegazery and garage rock.  But rest assured, those occasional passages of clean guitar and moments of tranquiliity are just preludes for the fuzz and chaos.   What's been interesting is the appreciation being shown by certain rock icons, namely Trent Reznor and Ian Astbury.  Reznor threw them on dates of his final NIN arena tour, surely to the horror of his flock.  And now Astbury joins them as vocalist on BXI , a 4 song EP that oddly concludes without him as the diminutive and captivating guitarist Wata takes over singing a cover of THE CULT's "Rain".  Although Astbury has yet to be seen on the summer tour that wraps up here, don't be surprised if he makes an appearance this weekend.  There's a BXI performance scheduled for early next month in NYC.  The time for a dress rehearsal is now.

We've got tickets to give away for the El Rey show on Friday and the Glass House show on Saturday.  Support for both shows is good:  local instrumentalists RED SPAROWES and Hydra Head's HELMS ALEE (who should be previewing new material).  If you want to be considered for tickets, contact us here or email  Include your full name and the show you would like to attend.  Winners will be selected at random at 2 PM on Thursday and informed soon thereafter.      

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