Spaghetti Night at Three Clubs

This Thursday Eddie Spaghetti (de los Supersuckers) will be playing the Three Clubs.  Ya, it’s not metal, but if I learned anything from the Tesco Vee interview it’s to go with your gut on quality and suffer the consequences proudly.  I grew up with the Supersuckers.  Not really, but sort of.  They transitioned me from post punk to an ironic love of metal which led me home to … an unironic love of metal.   The Supersuckers are on a little break, so Eddie’s out doing the Eddie thing.

Back in 1994 or so my friend Aaron had dropped out of grad school to join Samiam after they just got signed to Atlantic.  These were the heady days of East Bay punk when Green Day went from wrecking themselves to wrecking dressing rooms.  Anything could happen.  Samiam were unknown but actually a somewhat safe bet – East Bay cred, good singer, reliable members, catchy songs, the stamp of approval from Brett Gurewitz.  I was living in Boston, and Aaron invited me to check out their show with Bad Religion.  Knowing I was a Motorhead fanatic, he suggested I check out the Supersuckers, who were opening the show.  I was an instant convert.

In my Right Coast funk, ‘suckers were just what I needed.  Four guys in cowboy hats and cheap sunglasses playing like Motorhead and singing about THC, hot rods, cocaine and the jackalope.  I was reminded there was more to life than the Red Sox and clam chowder.  Over the years I’d see the Supersuckers many times.  Eventually I met drummer extraordinaire Dusty Watson and suggested he try to join the band.  He actually did, proving a good drummer makes any band better and meaner.  Maybe even scares the shit of out them. 

There have been so many milestone ‘suckers shows…at the Troubadour the day Joey Ramone died…at the Roxy doing the “country show” covering “I Can’t Drive 55”… Dan Thunder Bolton’s “Scorpions / Rainbow / Supersuckers” shirt (these are my people!) at the House of Blues… Playing with Dusty at the Roxy w/ Rhino Bucket.  Probably the best overall show was at the “Blood Drive” in Irvine, which was supposed to be an annual event, and featured a lineup of unparalleled good taste: Zeke, Supersuckers,The Damned, The Misfits, X.  Wow.

Eddie Spaghetti is a funny guy and top flight lyricist.  He’s written some greats, like “Gone Gamblin’” (“got pills and booze and open toed shoes”) and “hit” “Born with a Tail.”  Those are just the tip of the iceberg.  Check out “Evil Powers Of Rock n Roll” for unfettered greatness.  And Eddie’s not afraid to buck the trends—picking up Didgits guitarist Rick Simms for a disc when he could have broke out with grunge, putting out a country record when it was time to do the same old same old, espousing metal (and Kix!) back when metal REALLY wasn’t cool.  At the end of the day, he’s an American troubadour.  Probably the only guy who puts in equal travel miles to Henry Rollins.  If the Supersuckers were playing nine shows, Eddie was putting in three more at any café, bar or brew pub that would have him.

Now he’s coming to our own Three Clubs, which is the only place in Hollywood willing to host a free metal night without thinking twice.  So if you’re around on the 26th and want to tone down your intake of black metal / doom metal or whatever it takes to get you through the week, check out Eddie in the backroom.  No doubt he’ll be bringing the wisdom of 25 years of life on the road.  Maybe he’ll do some blow with you and head up to Crazy Girls, then round out the night playing dice in the alley.  More likely he’ll man the merch booth, hit the hotel, call home and get ready for the next night’s show, which – unless you are Lemmy – is the way people in this business make sure they stick around long enough for the next tour.