Earthless/Crom Ticket Giveaway

On Friday, we proudly present EARTHLESS/CROM/BASTARD at Spaceland.  When the venue first came to us with this lineup, we were quite frankly confused.  An EARTHLESS set is one extended metallic jam.  No vocals.  Crowd movement is minimal with rare opportunity to release pent-up energy by applause or otherwise.  It is a cerebral experience, recalling Spacemen 3's Taking Drugs to Make Music to Drugs To, even though sonically there is little comparison and we have no knowledge that the band performs on drugs.  But how could they not?  Well, for one, the band is tight as shit.  CROM songs are of the two minute variety.  Maybe.  As one fan says in the video below, "A Crom show is like rolling the dice."  The entire set could last two minutes.  But on their home turf, with a hypersupportive base, expect chaos and a whole lot of fun.  So what not-so-evil genius decided to put these two seemingly disparate bands together on the same bill?  For once it's not our good friend Martin DePedro, and it's certainly not us.  We're not graced with that kind of imagination.  The answer is that it is the same person that's behind this great run of heaviness that we've experienced all year at Spaceland.  And for that, we thank her.             

Pre-sales have been high for a metal show so think twice if you have some policy against buying advance tickets.  Another way to assure entrance is to win our ticket contest.  Sharing a memory from a  past EARTHLESS or CROM show will help your cause.  We've got three pairs of tix to give away.  If you want to be considered, email us your full name to or contact us here.  The contest closes tomorrow at 8 PM.  All winners will be notified later that evening.