The White Hills Are Alive With The Sound Of Space

Thanks to all that filled up Spaceland last night.  Of course, shit broke during CROM's always entertaining set (the Louis C.K.-esque masturbation story filled the downtime nicely) but there were a couple of firsts. First time I've heard Isiah sing at an EARTHLESS show.  First time a merch table offered edible THC.  And now time for more firsts, as NYC's WHITE HILLS are bringing their own psychedelic brew to town.  Tomorrow they play a 4 PM free set at the newly located Vacation Vinyl.  Tuesday we present them along with fellow local space rockers and European tourmates FARFLUNG, as well as Columbus, Ohio's blues rockers MOUNT CARMELback at Spaceland.  Long time readers of this blog may recall various posts (here and here) that have lamented missed opportunities to see FARFLUNG.  We were there for the four piece version at Bordello under the considerable influence of 141 proof bourbon, which ruled, but have never experienced the real deal.  Barring disaster, we'll pop our cherry this week with respect to all three bands.  That's a lot of pain to endure but the label tell us THC is an analgesic so apparently we're covered.  Like most of the psychedelic aural treats we enjoy, we were introduced to WHITE HILLS by San Francisco's Aquarius Records, who have this to say about the band's latest release:          

Latest full-length from these Hawkwind worshipping drug-drone psychedelic space rockers from New York, after their killer long players Heads On Fire and Glitter Glamor Atrocity, as well as 7 or 8 other kick ass cd-r's AND a couple 12"s, all leading us here, quite possibly their heaviest and most full realized record yet.  Beginning with "Dead", a track we're already pretty obsessed with, as it was the teaser track from the last 12", and even after spinning the 12" to, um, death, it's still a doozy: fuzzy, druggy, looped and hypnotic, with dreamy soft singing, beneath billowing clouds of distorted guitars, all hazy and super space rocky, definitely channeling the spirits of Loop and Spacemen 3, totally hypnotic, like a blown out krautrock jam drenched in tons of effects, you can almost hear the flashing strobes, and clouds of glowing smoke, the track just oozes druggy bliss.  And druggy bliss pretty much describes the whole record. 

We like bliss.  And if you do too, we can add to it by giving you a pair of free tickets to join us Tuesday evening.  Don't worry, you don't have to join us beyond sharing the same room and letting you mind lift off for a few hours.  This is pretty much the show we created this blog to present.  To enter the contest for one of three available pairs, email us your full name to or contact us here.  The contest closes Monday at 5 PM.  All winners will be notified by 6 PM that evening.    

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