The Satch Descends On The City Of Devils

JOE SATRIANI is playing the Orpheum this Sunday.  I haven’t listened to him in a decade.  FYI, he’s a really good guitar player, OMG!  When he first happened I was in Berkeley where he taught guitar, and the big thing was he supposedly taught Steve Vai, and the big thing about him was that he was in Zappa’s band and then David Lee Roth’s.  Sometimes Satriani was marketed with local guys like Primus, in the weird genius local musician category.  Those were simpler times.  Way before “G3” and all these guitar techno guitar instrumental guys. Nobody knew where to put these guys.  Nowadays your basic 13 year old shredder can state his preference on whether his hero plays in mixolydian or frigian.  It used to be Ritchie Blackmore was the only guy who knew what that meant, and people made fun of him for it.   I would think a guy like Satriani might just want to get away from it all and pound out “Iron Man” for a couple hours.  Then again, his new record is called Black Swans and Wormhole Wizards so he’s not doing much to separate himself from the guitar nerd tag.  Anyway, if you wanna go we have tickets.  If you play guitar it’s sure to be a very enjoyable or thoroughly demoralizing evening, depending on your self esteem.

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Jan 16th, 2010 At The Orpheum Theatre
Doors at 6:30PM
Orpheum Theatre
842 S. Broadway
Los Angeles, CA 

If you don't win, tickets are available for purchase here.