The Melvins - Night #1

Friday night brings us a live rendition of 1993's Houdini, the MELVINS' major label debut that was partially produced by their good buddy Kurt Cobain.  From Boner Records to Atlantic.  No band will never do that again.  Before the Spaceland show, stop by at Vacation Vinyl for GRAF ORLOCK's record release party.  That will get your heart pumping.  And then you can finish yourself off at the Grill 'Em All truck which wil be parked outside of Spaceland at 8 PM.  Now, thanks to Adam Murray, let's take a look book at week 1 of "The Residency."  We don't see a lot of residencies in the metal world, so you better savor this one.  

At some time in the future, you can see Adam's entire collection here.