Tie One Off

With the complete demise of MySpace apparently on the horizon, it's time for all the bands that rely on that site for their internet presence to start building a new home.  There are a lot of options out there for the computer illiterate.  This blog looks pretty good and we know next to nothing about HTML.  One way to go is Tumblr.  Saturday night's opener at Three Clubs, COLOMBIAN NECKTIE, have done just that, and while they may be guilty of overstimulation, at this point we'll take whatever stimulation we can get.  

So who are COLOMBIAN NECKTIE? In their words, they are a new aggressive punk/metal-influenced made up of five guys transplanted to Los Angeles from the east coast that sounds like a combo of His Hero Is Gone, Converge and Blacklisted with, of course, their own spin.  And so we welcome them and  thank them for the description.  That's more than we get from most bands trying to garner our attention.  It was good enough that we listened to their 3 track demo and came away not completely sold, but ready to hear more.  Their live show will probably make or break this band.  But who gives a shit what we think.  Listen to it yourself:   

If you look close enough at this flyer, you'll notice the spelling of the band's name is fucked up.   Now Martin DePedro, who is the man behind Saturday's show and the flyer, is responsible.  As a Venezuelan, he should know better, but I hear Venezuelans don't care much for their Colombian neighbors.  Then again, Martin turned us on to INQUISITION.  Three weeks in, that remains the greatest event of 2011.