The Process of Weeding Out

The first time I met Josh Homme we talked a bit about KYUSS and the "stoner metal" tag.  It was an uncomfortable conversation, at least for me.  A bunch of us were drinking beers in a parking lot, and somewhat unhibited by the alcohol, I let it slip to that I was about to head off to see QUEENSRYCHE.  I had reason to believe this group would give me shit for that.  I was ready for it, but I wasn't ready to take it from Mr. Homme, who until that point wasn't paying any attention to what we were saying.  Let's just say the guy is bit intimidating - a physically large man, a legend to many, with a well-deserved reputation for a biting wit.  And once he joins a conversation, he owns it, and there are likely to be victims.  I had pretty much volunteered for that role by not walking away.  But as I futilely defended my evening plans, I learned that Mr. Homme is not too pleased that KYUSS was labeled as a "stoner metal" band.   Not liking your music called "stoner" is no surprise, and anyone that's met Josh would never confuse him for one.  But what bothered him more was that he doesn't see KYUSS as a metal band.  To him, they were straight up punk/hardcore, and I got the sense that one of the reasons he left that band behind was because he believed they had been misunderstood.          
Today, a mighty panel that includes two people that know a whole lot about KYUSS -- Brant Bjork and Mario Lalli -- comes together to discuss this very issue at Vacation Vinyl.  It should be a good one.