He Loves Us All

Live Nation asked us to make sure you know the Prince of Darkness is playing Gibson tomorrow.  He bailed on the opening date of the tour with his brand new band in Reno because of sickness, but according to Twitter, he and his teleprompter will be in Universal City.  In all seriousness, Ozzy may be a caricature of himself these days but nothing he does will stop me from loving him.  He was my gateway to metal.  Actually, the honor should belong to my childhood neighbor, Bob, who unwittingly played the part of my surrogate older brother and introduced me to Bark At The Moon and whisky as a pre-teen.  Somehow I convinced my parents to drop us off at the Glens Falls Civic Center in true upstate New York on The Ultimate Sin tour when Ozzy kindly gave a rising little band named METALLICA about 15 feet of space on the front of his stage to make an impression.  They did.  Mr. Burton, it was never the same without you.     

Although Live Nation gave us no tickets to use for ourselves or to giveaway, they did think this photo would help promote the show.  We're not so sure it helps the cause but must admit we've developed an unhealthy fascination with this glamour show.  He's come a long way from 1986.  Some tix are still available.