Better Know A Band: Dreaming Dead

Local death metallers DREAMING DEAD are currently in the post-writing, pre-recording stage for their forthcoming album, Midnightmares. We’re lucky to have this talented band in our backyard right now, but they might not be staying local for very long. They toured with Nile and Immolation in January, which obviously says something about their musical abilities. Touring with the big dogs seemed to bring them some well-deserved attention.

Vocalist/guitarist Elizabeth Schall is one of those rare women in metal who commands respect as a musician the moment she walks onstage. She took some time to answer our questions about touring and the new DREAMING DEAD material, among other things. Check out the interview below.

You guys recently finished up a mini west coast tour. How did it go overall?

The tour was alright. We played a lot of small gigs, but all-in-all it was a great experience playing out as a 3 piece and testing that idea, which was the main reason why we decided to do the tour in the first place.

Any interesting road stories to report?

Hmm, not really, we joked around a ton with the Exhausted Prayer guys. At one point Mike did fart in my face, which was the funniest shit ever.

As a female metalhead and (wannabe) musician myself, I must say I'm really impressed with everything you've done in such a male-dominated genre of music. I don't really like to bring up the whole gender difference thing because I don't think it should even matter, but I wish we could see more women in metal like you. What is it like to be a female and fronting a death metal band?

Thank you very much. It hasn't been an easy road and almost seems to get harder and harder as the years go by. Fronting a band like this at times can feel very empowering and very intimidating. I feel like I need to give 110% each time and that becomes extremely draining. I simply rely on practicing a bunch and putting everything I have into my playing. Since I usually have no idea what I'm doing, when time comes to writing and performing I just let everything go and wing it.

When did you realize you wanted to become a full-time, touring metal musician?

Welp, I don't think I've ever come to that conclusion. Don't get me wrong, touring is a lot of fun, but it really takes a toll on everything. Either way, our touring schedule has always been less than a part time thing, and I'm rather okay with that, although now that I'm thinking about it this year alone we've played over 55 shows, so not too shabby.

What is the status of your second full-length album, Midnightmares? I've been reading some updates about not being on a label, but you guys are continuing to film some videos for new singles...

Midnightmares is pretty much done, just tweaking a few details and waiting to schedule studio time. It is true that we are working without any label support - hopefully that'll change soon. 

As for the video we just filmed, this constitutes part of a press-kit we've been piecing together for the better part of this year, along with a 4 song demo and promotional photos, in hopes of finding a label that will support us. 

"Overlord" is a great track. How does the rest of the new material compare to the songs on Within One?

Thank you again. That's actually an interesting question because "Overlord" is the first song we've written as a three piece, therefore it has a lot more groove in order to compensate for the lack of a second guitarist.  We plan on writing a few more songs similar to this style for this next album. 

In comparison to Within One, our new material is much more technical and played at a higher bpm (beats per minute), something that shows how we've progressed more into an actual death metal band and something I'm rather okay with. 

How's the search for the second guitarist going?

No Comment. ;)

Do you guys have any other touring plans yet for 2010?

Unfortunately no tours scheduled yet and that is in no way discouraging to us at all. No matter what we will always continue writing, recording and performing live where ever we are welcome.

Thanks again, Elizabeth!!

Thanks for your support, Julia! Until next time.