Keep Those Stubs!

If you have been living in LA for any stretch of time, you ought to know Wednesday's headliners at the Troubadour, IT'S CASUAL.  Even if you haven't seen his band, you have seen frontman Eddie Solis around town.  He's pretty much everywhere, always with boundless energy.  One of the good ones.  And, yes, that hair is trademarked.  Or is it his pedal setup?  Metal, punk, hardcore, skating, public transit...he does it all.  I think he might operate on batteries, but don't have the goods on that yet.  I was able to confirm my theory that Eddie single-handedly made this show happen.  And his generosity allows us to give one of you a pair of tickets to join us for this important event.  So important that to win tickets for Anthrax/Testament/Death Angel at Club Nokia downtown or Opeth/Katatonia at the Fox Theater in Pomona, you need to send us a photo of your ticket stub to this one.  Click the flyer below to buy one for $5 less than at the door.     

To summarize, one of you will win a free pair for Wednesday, and 10 ticket purchasers will win free pairs to two outstanding upcoming shows.  To be eligible, email us at with your full name, a picture of the stub, and the show you want to attend.  We will start accepting submissions Thursday morning at 12:01 AM.  First come, first served.

So just who did Eddie put on the bill? 


We like this band.  From San Pedro, and we know that town breeds quality music.  Proud to wear the psychedelic label.  And for a bio, they keep it simple:  "Fuckin' Listen."  And we'll make that easy for you:


The headline is that this band has Larry from Pelican on drums.  That's cool.  I like side projects.  And sure enough, this is a deviation.  Makes me feel like I'm back in mis-90s NYC when Quicksand was making music that came to an end too soon.  

A father of skateboarding plays exactly what you want him to play.  The sound of his youth reborn.  Along with OFF!, this town is getting a welcomed opportunity to live a bit of its sometimes forgotten music history.  Live it some more.


A father of desert rock, Mario Lalli, proves that its genetic.  Mr. Lalli's perpetual creativity notwithstanding, there is something especially comforting about hearing a kid perform so ahead of the curve.  Dino will be joined by his friend, Benny, and his dad in what is typically not a Devo cover band.  Maybe Halloween?