Travel Back In Time Gratis At One Eyed Gypsy

901 E. 1st Street has an identity crisis.  In just a few years, the bar at that address has gone by the name Little Pedro's, Bordello, Dark Horse, and now One Eyed Gypsy.  The newest version, designed carnival-style and managed by Dave Young (yes, the man behind "Dave Young's Warehouse" on 6th Street, half pipe and all), opened last Friday with an old school jukebox that plays 45s.

We are proud to be co-presenting with LA Record what may be the first show at One Eyed Gypsy, and it's absomotherfuckinglutely FREE! (we miss you Cliff).  Headlining will be RADIO MOSCOW, fresh off releasing their new record, The Great Escape of Leslie Magnafuzz, that pushes the 70s heavy psych blues sound of Parker Griggs (quite possibly the finest guitarist of his generation, and he plays drums on the record to boot) further in our direction.  Comparisons to Hendrix, Cream, and Blue Cheer abound and are all completely justified.   

In support are Baltimore's THE FLYING EYES and our own GYPSYHAWK, who will be playing the last date of a national tour that was in part a celebration of their recent signing to Metal Blade.  Close your eyes at this one and it will be as if Nixon is president.  You're lucky it's not closer to Halloween or promoter Shannon Cornett may have required you to come wearing 70s garb to get in.  But although not required, costumes are always encouraged.  

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