Blind Gypsy

So up until Saturday, we had not presented a show in a while.  I don't like us presenting shows I cannot attend, and being gone all summer, we presented no shows.  But when GYPSYHAWK came through San Francisco, i caught them with GLITTER WIZZARD and HUNTRESS.  At some point during their set, the idea of GYPSYHAWK playing with RADIO MOSCOW came to life.  Sure enough, days later I get a call from L.A. Record's Shannon Cornett asking me to work with her on a RADIO MOSCOW show and to suggest a local opener.  It had to happen, and the date coincided with the last days of GYPSYHAWK's 40 Days, 40 Nights tour.  So after the brief negotiations about borrowing equipment were complete, we were set.

Shannon was out of town this past weekend, and she asked me to take over as intermediary between the venue and the band.  Free show, no guestlist, and the bar manager was the one and only Dave Young of warehouse fame.  This would be easy.  I can do what I always do - stand out of the way, beer and whisky in hand, and listen.  But as soon as we met, Mr. Young said we had a lot to talk about.  I may have had no experience in this particular occupation, but I knew it wasn't good.  My instincts didn't let me down.  The owner of the bar didn't want heavy music being played in her newly renovated establishment.

In the end, 2 of the 3 bands were not allowed to play.  Both GYPSYHAWK and FLYING EYES were told by Dave that they would be taken care of - paid, free drinks, free food - but they could not make an amplified sound.  Dave was able to get RADIO MOSCOW on stage, and they ignored his pleas to keep the volume down.  That was the integrity move, but it doomed my plan to rush up FLYING EYES for a closing set.  Last word from Dave was that he thought he would be fired.   My guess is that he got by.  Earlier he told me it was his first "corporate" job.  He quickly learned that it's everything he feared it was.