I'm not ashamed to admit there was a Spreading The Disease poster on my teenage bedroom ceiling, nor that I walked away from my first theater show with a t-shirt that said "Drokk It".  1986 had changed me with Master of PuppetsReign in Blood and the death of Cliff Burton.  ANTHRAX's Among The Living came out early the next year, dedicated to Mr. Burton, but showcased the less serious side of a band at a time when I was feeling nothing but serious about music.  Any doubts I had about the direction of metal were soon resolved when the first studio albums by Bay Area bands TESTAMENT and DEATH ANGEL showed up at the local mall.  There was no turning back.  This math team kid was all in.  If you didn't see TESTAMENT's recent performances with SLAYER and MEGADETH, let me assure you that The Legacy has stood the test of time.  The impact is unmuted. 
But if I have to convince you to go see this show, you should just stop reading.  On Saturday night, Club Nokia should be filled with the faithful.  If that is you, and you also want to win free tickets to the show, send us your first name by email to thecityofdevils@gmail.com or by contacting us here. We're also still taking submissions for tomorrow's OPETH/KATATONIA show at the Fox Theater in Pomona.  All winners will be informed by noon tomorrow.

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