So torn about tonight's ultimate destination I'm suffering abdominal pains.  The lineup tonight at (the) Handbag Factory is outstanding.  Most nights I could catch a Wiltern show and then the last two bands at whatever downtown loft space is making noise.  But tonight, at least for me, it's all about the openers on Grand Avenue.  If you like FIGHT AMP, you'll like KOWLOON WALLED CITY better.  And BATILLUS is hands-down my favorite new doom band out there.  Their 3-song EP was purely instrumental and put the world on notice of good things to come.  But the addition of lead singer/keyboardist/synth man Fade Kainer has elevated them to the forefront of modern doom, bringing a Eugene Robinson-type intensity that is both frightening and absolutely captivating.  Though don't fear the keyboards - if anything they add to the heaviness, much like vintage PITCHSHIFTER.  And nobody's more efficient at getting their equipment in and out of a tight space without putting said equipment at risk of damage.  It's a sight to behold.  They should put out an instructional video for their peers.  We'll leave it to our friends at Aquarius Records to give you more reason to show up:
Thanks to local noise rock heavies Kowloon Walled City for introducing us to these guys. And as we've mentioned before, when a kick ass heavy band, goes on and on about how kick ass and heavy ANOTHER band is, well, then you best pay attention. And boy are we glad we did. These NY doomlords, named for a massive seventies supertanker, are most definitely as heavy as their namesake, their sound a heaving, churning slow motion crawl, the riffs tarpit thick, the vocals caustic and wreathed in effects, the drums a lumbering pound, the band unfurling epic swaths of creeping slithering sludge, an oozing sonic blackness that reminds us of groups like Cough and Thou, who they seem to be compared to often. The band lace their sound with woozy, slightly detuned clean guitars, stretches of swirling ambient shimmer, and sometimes infusing their sound with a seriously epic post rock vibe, some of the songs building to surprisingly melodic crescendos, the opener deftly balancing some extreme ultradoom, and some unlikely hookiness. The rest of the record slips from lumbering death march doom, to pounding almost noise rock churn, to near static, Monarch/Moss/Bunkur like black sludge, fusing bits of Eyehategod like groove to total black hole doomdirge crush. Fucking killer. And WAY recommended for fans of the above mentioned groups as well as The Body, Atavist, Human Quena Orchestra, Fleshpress, Habsyl, Wicked King Wicker, Trees and other similarly sludgey heavies.