Bite-sized Chunks

Every so often I need to clear the mind of the little thoughts that have  been building up, not worthy of my usual full-scale lexical assault.  [Nothing is. We just don’t get paid to edit this stuff, so we keep giving you enough rope and waiting for the inevitable. – Ed.]  Here they are, my super important deep thoughts:

-- JUDAS PRIEST: Judas Priest were in San Bernardino a few weekends ago supposedly on their final world tour.  Obviously they are a huge band in the metal pantheon.  We’ve written plenty about them before.  The period between Sad Wings of Destiny and Unleashed in the East is one of the greatest metallic outcroppings in history, maybe rivaled only by the growth in the first four Sabbath records (done between 1970 and 1973!) But with so much other stuff happening around town, we just weren’t in the mood to cover them on this.  The absence of KK Downing is sad for the last shows.   I don’t know.  Shouldn’t be a non-event but somehow was.  These recent clips didn’t help.  Seems more like five guys than a band.  Lookout here Starbreaker!  nd Downing's replacement plays the same guitar and wears same get up, which is sort of lame.  Driving to San Bernardino for obvious and painful ass raping for parking, drinks, pretzels, water, tee shirts etc was the kicker.  

-- MOTORHEAD Book:  When we interviewed Martin Popoff, and he mentioned a rumored Motorhead book, we found Joel McIver’s “Overkill: The Untold Story of Motorhead.”  It’s good and needed, but its discussion of the recent albums falls a little flat.  McIver is a great metal writer, but his research and attention to detail seems proportional to how big the band is.  His Metallica book was very well done.  His Slayer book said that DRI wrote “Richard Hung Himself”, which is a sin to this old punker.  This one is mostly the story of Lemmy, and it falls into album-tour-album repetition at the end.  Some of the later Motorhead records (Inferno) are brilliant, and some mostly suck (Hammered).  There are great hidden gems on these records (like “Keys to the Kingdom”) that someone who was really into the band would spend more time with.  One observation I liked was that, by his admission, Lemmy spent part of the 60’s constantly on acid, consuming hundreds of hits.  Pile all the speed from the 70’s on top of that, and you end up with more than just a boozing rocker – you get a unique psyche that’s not easily replicated or understood.

-- The new HUNTRESS video:  It looks like the Huntress record is finally going to come out.  A high quality video has been posted:

Early mixes of the record that had circulated did not sound so good, with the band being compressed in the background and the leads and vocals too loud.  Hopefully this record will be a good thing for our local scene.  If handled correctly, this band will be a marketing juggernaut for obvious reasons.  It could get ugly, though, because the band is too identified with the singer, and they are all good players who deserve to be seen as more than a backing band.  Finally, I hope this doesn’t distract Eric Harris, because he needs to be fronting his own band GYPSYHAWK (“Gypsy Moth” per Tad.) Goodtime hard rock/metal that works is a rare thing now. 

-- Ross The Boss:  He’s got to be a good interview.  Somebody who was in both Manowar and the Dictators must be interesting. Lois, get Ross the Boss’s number!

-- Jeff Hanneman:  I don’t keep up on underground death metal so much, but I assume by now a band like Exhumed or Anal Cunt has tossed off a b-side called “Putrid Hanneman Dead Skin Arm / Necrotizing Fascitis.”