The Gateway Tour

We haven't had many ticket giveaways this year but the good people of Goldenvoice have come through with 5 pairs each for the upcoming "Creatures From The Black Abyss" tour that comes to the Fox Theater in Pomona on Saturday and Club Nokia downtown next Tuesday.  The announcement of this tour was met with controversy, so much so that Metal Sucks (who aren't even sponsors) came out and defended the lineup to their readers last year:  
But I think you guys are looking at this at all wrong. Cradle of Filth are a gateway band! And the kids at their shows are highly likely inclined to enjoy a) some form of black metal, and b) bands with a certain theatrical flair. Well, Nachtmystium meets one of those criteria, and Turisas meet the other. Will Nachtmystium go over CoF fans’ heads? I honestly don’t know. Cradlers (or whatever the fuck they call themselves) might be really open to a song like “No Funeral” in a way that some tr00 kvltists have not been. And I think they’ll eat Turisas up. So one way or the other, I imagine that opening for CoF will garner both Nachtmystium and Turisas at least some new fans. And at the end of the day, isn’t that a good thing? Don’t we want awesome music to reach as many ears as possible? It’s not like they’re opening for Limp Bizkit or ICP or whatever.

And I think that argument is spot on.  Whatever you think of CRADLE OF FILTH, they are supporters of extreme music, and they prove that repeatedly by exposing other bands to larger venues and crowds than they would otherwise experience.  A couple of years ago they brought SEPTICFLESH and SATYRICON to the Fonda and that place was packed from the first note of the first band.  Those are good fans.  And the all-female mosh pits were something to behold.

If you want to be eligible for a free pair (the mascara is on you), email us at or contact us here with your full name.  We will announce all the winners on Friday by noon.  Tickets for Pomona and downtown are also still available for purchase.