Church of the 8th Day Needs You

We have chronicled the plight of Church of the 8th Day before.  Our interview with Daniel Dismal was one of our best read posts.  Who knew had so many readers?  But apparently coverage has not made much difference.  The boys are still struggling mightily, so Saturday night a bunch of great bands are coming together for a benefit.  Please show your support.  Promoting metal shows is hard.  Just finding a venue is a struggle, and making money is far from guaranteed.  It's high risk, low reward, and few people could persevere under the conditions.  I know I couldn't.  It helps when you are far beyond driven:      

This show is being put together as a way to raise money to keep the Church of the 8th
Day going. Year after year we strive to keep shows coming to Los Angeles and unfortunately it costs a lot more than we're able to afford sometimes. So, at the urgings of some of our fans, supporters and friends, we're putting together a show where the proceeds will go towards our mission, which is to bring music and good times to the Los Angeles scene.