Trash MySpace

Bands, I may have written about this before, but even if so, it bears repeating.  MySpace is dead.  All it offers you now is a music player.  And it's not a good one.  Find a new home for the sweet fruits of your fucking labor.  My recommendation is Bandcamp.  High quality sound, a digital store, and customizable.  You fully control how much of your music is there, when it's on there, how much it costs, who can listen to it, and what you sell.  It even allows you to collect email addresses and build it directly into your website.  A beautiful thing.  I'm somewhat ashamed to say that Facebook (or another sitle like it) has a place, as a way to communicate easily with your fans and for them to introduce you to new ones.  But the truth is nobody wants to know that much about their friend's lives.  The ones that really embrace don't seem to realie we couldn't give a shit.  But there's enough good information within the shit to make me come back.  There must be a better way.  I can't say the same about Bandcamp.  If it has an inherent flaw, I don't see it.    

So when TRASH TITAN sent me a link to their Bandcamp site this afternoon, it kind of made my day.  Collyn McCoy, the bassist, vocalist and regular reader of this blog (or at least free ticket winner), described the band's music this way:  

Stoner rock/butt rock ala AC/DC and heroin-era Aerosmith with a little Clutch thrown in. 

And he is absolutely right.  There's nothing better than a band that is honest with itself, because when you understand where you fit, growth will soon follow.  This music is like comfort food.  Perfect for a cold, rainy night.  

I just found the first flaw with Bandcamp, but at least it can be corrected.  You cannot name your embeddable players as if they're drinks at Starbucks.  That's just wrong  

You can also hear Collyn in ULTRA ELECTRIC MEGA GALACTIC with Ed Mundell (Monster Magnet) and Rick Ferrante (Sasquatch).