Vacation Will Burn

Yes!  Early evening black metal.  Not in some shithole, but right in the heart of Sunset Junction, a shithole that used to be but now is the center of hipness.  A place that you can comfortably leave your girl at the nearby wine bar for an hour while you release some pent-up workweek hatred.  So the plan is we all do something just like that and meet with beers in bags at Vacation Vinyl at 7 PM to get our fill of filth.  And to any and all ladies who actually choose to attend this event - whatever love we have will be directed your way.     
Los Angeles based black metal band, THE FUNERAL PYRE, have scheduled an in-store performance at Los Angeles’ VACATION VINYL on Friday, March 4th at 7pm. San Francisco based post-black metalers, DEAFHEAVEN (Deathwish Inc) will also be performing a full set at this all ages event. There will be a very limited number of hand screened prints available to the first people at the event, courtesy of Shirts and Destroy. THE FUNERAL PYRE are supporting last year’s “Vultures at Dawn,”  (Prosthetic Records) which was just released on vinyl on February 1st.