The Rabbits Are Coming, Hooray Hooray!

Back from Austin.  Saw a shitload of good bandsm, just to name a few:  WOLVHAMMER, BATILLUS, GRAYCEON, LECHEROUS GAZE, IRON AGE, LO-PAN, CHRISTIAN MISTRESS, HOWL, THE SECRET, PONTIAK, & WHITE HILLS.  And we supported the locals too.  We return to LA to find the RABBITS from Portland, OR playing the next two nights - 7 PM this evening at Vacation Vinyl and tomorrow at Three Clubs with VAZ (ex-HAMMERHEAD) and HARASSOR.  The RABBITS have a new record that you can listen to here.

As one reviewer puts it:

I have to say: this scratches my "I Miss KARP" itch just as well, or perhaps even better, than Big Business do these days. "The Flow Below" in particular is a fucking jam.

And if the name HEPA/TITUS is unfamiliar, the band is led by one Kevin Rutmanis of COWS/MELVINS/TOMAHAWK fame.  They open up the festivities at 9 PM.