Dancing Undercover

Cheetahs is my favorite strip club in LA.  I don't go often, and I don't go to others (save the occassional quest for laughs at Jumbo's Clown Room), so my endorsement shouldn't carry much weight.  The girls aren't even naked.  But the ones I've talked to are sweet.  Yes, talked to.  I tend to avoid the other bullshit.  Getting too close is either depressing, because I feel less than I should, or painful, when the girl is impossible to deny.  So I would rather just buy the girl a drink and chat for a while.  The drinks are no more expensive than a l lot holes in town, and sometimes that gurl gets up and dancers to SLAYER.  Then I feel something, for sure.  

Tomorrow night they are going to introduce live music into that scene.  I know Crazy Girls has hosted a few stomner metal shows over the last year, but that's a whole different vibe.  They shot Crue videos in that place.  Peep & Destroy will be a disaster or a real good time.  There are some warning signs: a headbanging contest and a corpse paint facepainting booth?  But then there are the bands, who are all quality.  

HARASSOR 10:30pm
COBRA VENOM 9:30pm