Simply Stated: Prog Shred!

DOG SHREDDER from Bellingham, Washington hit me up a few weeks ago to promote tomorrow's show at Three Clubs with LOZEN.  This part of their email caught me eye:

RIYL: Dysrhythmia, Botch, Yes, Daughters, Keelhaul

The RIYL.  So helpful when it's not completely wrong.  And listening to the tunes below, these guys are being honest with themselves and us.  We thank you for that.  Of course, it's easy to say you sound like YES when you cover one of their songs.  But they play "Heart of the Sunrise" as if it is theirs, as precise as the original but completely modern, bringing a whole new perspective that the other bands on their list would appreciate.  Well, maybe not DAUGHTERS.  But no one can dispute that these boys can play.  Here's some background:

Cobbled together from pieces of lates and greats, DOG SHREDDER was formed in 2008 and features ex-Black Eyes & Neckties shredder Josh Holland (guitar/vocals) and Noah Burns (drums), both formerly of the instrumental juggernaut Cicadas, and Jeff Johnson (bass) formerly of the Russians.  DOG SHREDDER's sound is personified by an amalgamation of disparate musical elements that taste great together.  Imagine the aural experiments of Sonic Youth coupled with a Sabbath-style dB beat down. Imagine the ferocity of punk applied with the precision of prog. Imagine scalpel-sharp arrangements delivered cinder-block heavy.  That is the sound of a DOG SHREDDER