The Unveiling of Green & Wood

Over a year ago we met GREEN & WOOD, by email at least.  Their debut record was well done and promised better times.  But over the course of the year we lost a little faith.  On stage, too often the band seemed disconnected and uninspired.  There were rumors of interpersonal issues that seemed destined to bring the whole thing to a predictable and unceremonious end.  But we were wrong.  GREEN & WOOD played the Xmas show we presented at The Echo, and lo and behold, that performance made us take notice that the ship was being righted.  Not completely.  The bassist drummer ended up bailing on the band mid-tour shortly thereafter in a story that would make for an excellent read if only we could properly tell it.  But to the rescue was Eric Harris of tourmates GYPSYHAWK, who has filled in most ably to this day, providing a break from the drama and some time to focus in on what matters:  making music.  The result is a new EP and video, and both will be shared with you tomorrow night at the place formerly known as Bordello (now run by Dave Young of Dave Young's Warehouse fame).  

GYPSYHAWKa favorite of Professor Bunkum's because they provide a fix for his THIN LIZZY addiction, will be there too, with a lineup that is also finally in order.  Ethan of GREEN & WOOD had a cameo as the guitarist in the video that was released last month, but now that Erik Kluiber is in the fold, a brotherhood has been formed and the the boys are ready to kick off a national tour next month.

Kicking off the evening will be Rosemead's BASTARD, another of the Professor's chosen ones, this time for a budding resemblance to Mr. Kilmister's power trio.  He sent me a few more questions to pass on but since they are even more hostile and rhetorical than the first set, we're just going to extend an open invitation to answer these at the band's convenience:  

1.  Over the summer at the Mountain Bar, I stuck around and paid for another drink because you said you were going to play some Depeche Mode, but then you played “Ace of Spades.”  Could you pick a more obvious cover?

2.  Check out these guys calling themselves “Bastard.”  The coolest things about them are that one guy was in a band called “Severed Crotch” and you can click on their site to buy “Merc.”  You think the drummer’s name is really “Gunnar Gunnarsson?”

3.  In the “Lemmy” movie, there is a brief and terrifying shot of what appears to be Phil Campbell without a hat.  I heard him and the Edge from U2 use the same brand of bobby pins to keep their hats on.  How are the members of Bastard going to deal with balding?

4.  Bastard should release a 7” with 12 songs on it and go down as one of the great obscure LA bands.  The alternative is a lame CD on Roadrunner to keep up the supply of coasters at the local bars.  When are we getting some physical Bastard product? 

5.  Some guy at a bar in Rosemead got all agro when I called him “gay.”  I tried to tell him being gay is value neutral, but being a “faggot” is fucked up regardless of your sexual orientation, and I didn’t call him a “faggot”".  This didn’t calm him down.  What’s up with the public schools over there?

6.  If a young man works really hard, leads a virtuous life and puts 20% of his earnings in a blend of diversified mutual funds, will he eventually find success in the City of Devils? 

7.  If I go up Mission and Huntington to get back home after a Bastard show downtown, I go by the hospital, the jail, the morgue and at least a dozen cops.  What’s the best way to get back to the San Gabriel Valley after seeing Bastard without getting a DUI?  Does the San Antonio winery need any more signs?