Seven Days of Plague

When Martin of Ovrcast asked us to co-present MIDNIGHT's West Coast Tour, we were confused.  This blog targets readers that live in the City of Devils.  The stats back up that we are pretty successful at that mission.  The vast majority of you live in this area.  Now, as Professor Bunkum grimly points out, we've been less successful in accomplishing our other, and arguably more important, mission:  to get the general population out to shows.  So, here we are, a local blog that focuses on spreading the metal word in LA, and we don't even do a great job at that.  Sounds like a perfect partner to promote a seven stop tour.    

Well, even if we disagree with Martin's judgment, we greatly appreciate his loyalty and love of music.  What's great about being involved with this tour is that one of the first conversations we had with Martin was about MIDNIGHT.  We were sitting on a bar stool at Footsies when Martin walked in along with Roskva of LIGHTNING SWORDS OF DEATH, in post-coital bliss after experiencing MIDNIGHT at The Blvd.  They were like giddy schoolgirls after a Bieber concert, except all the wetness was on their head instead of between their legs.  Let's just say it made an impression.  From what we've seen, ROSKVA is not prone to that kind of excitement (although thank satan he does not read us, or we could find ourselves hung from a tree for even talking about him this way).

So who is MIDNIGHT?  There's precious little info out there on the interweb about these guys.  But there is this interview by our good friends at the LA Record back at the time of that Blvd gig in 2009.  If we had read it then, we would have been at that show too.  The VENOM, MOTORHEAD and BATHORY comparisons are right on.  It's raw and punk and black metal and damn good.  Do yourself a favor and pick up Berlin Is Burning on Nuclear War Now, and a little time searching should yield you a copy of the earlier release, Farewell To Hell.  You have MIDNIGHT share a stage with the road warriors of SAVIOURS and our favorite local black metal band, LIGHTNING SWORDS OF DEATH, and you have the recipe for one of the finest Saturday afternoons in recent memory.  

And even better, the LA show is free for you and yet we know the bands will be paid, thanks to Scion.  The only concern is the unknown:  how long will that line be?  For two of you, there will be no need to worry.  We've got two pairs of guaranteed access passes to giveaway.  Just hit us up here or email us at with your full name to enter.  And all of you should : (1) RSVP by clicking on the flyer below; and (2) tell your friends up and down the west coast to check this tour when it stops by their town.

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