The Final Dismount

A couple of Saturdays ago BLACK MATH HORSEMAN capped off their first European tour with a hometown gig at a packed Three Clubs.  As they did across the pond, they treated those in attendance to a heavy dose of new material off their next eponymous full-length which is still in its beginning stages of the recording process with (we believe) KYUSS's Scott Reeder once again at the helm.  It turns out the three new tracks we heard are meant to be played together, and at least for now are known as "The Trilogy."       
As usual, Adam Murray sent us over the photos he took at the gig.  We select a few and then direct you to his photoblog for the entire collection.  This time around we couldn't help but wonder if our friend may have an unannounced second career as a hand model photographer.  Or a hand fetishist.  If you have aspire to participate in either industry, let us know and we'll get you guys together.