Welcome Back, Shannon

A few months ago we wrote about the death of Spaceland, and in its place at 1717 Silverlake Blvd, The Satellite was born.  It was a change we did not believe in.  We had a good run at Spaceland, largely due to the venue's talent buyer, Shannon Cornett, whose enthusiasm for heavy music was unparalleled among her peers at the rock clubs in this town.  That role has been filled at The Satellite by someone who does not share that enthusiasm, not even close.  Take a look at the calendar.  It's a snoozer.  No musical risks at all.  The MELVINS residency may be the last time I step into that building all year.

Shannon has moved on.  She's now booking on behalf of L.A. Record, and this week she brings you her "first show in the metal realm" at the space formerly known as Bordello, now run by Dave Young as the Dark Horse Saloon.  It's a good one, and a bit unusual because only one of the four acts has even three members.  That band, IDES OF GEMINI, a side project of BLACK MATH HORSEMAN's Sera Timms and esteemed writer J. Bennett, will play is first full set while introducing a live drummer, the charming Kelly "Kells Bells" Johnston, into the mix.  Their debut EP, The Disruption Writ, was Cosmo Lee's (Invisible Oranges) favorite demo of 2010:       

This is not something I usually like – lo-fi, sort-of-black-metal-influenced. But like its creators, its unlikely parts mesh perfectly. I wish Bennett would tune his guitar. And Timms loves reverb to an unhealthy extent. But all this doesn’t matter. The result, from the sound to the hand-cut, hand-numbered, hand-assembled packaging (details), is honest and magical. Dive in -

We like it too. The third track, "The Vessel & The Stake", has a riff we can't get enough of, but it's the closer, "Resurrectionists", that promises the good stuff to come.  

The show is co-headlined by Boise's WOLVSERPENT, a two piece that has elements of drone and doom with some violin thrown in, rendering it beyond definition according to the LA Record, and the almighty WINO, who will be keeping it simple with just his acoustic guitar.  That's more than enough.  And A STORY OF RATS, aka multimedia artist Garek Druss, will be along for the ride too.  

We've got two pairs of tickets to give you for this one.  A Thursday night in downtown LA, with 4 acts on the city's most beautiful stage.  You can't go wrong.  If you want to be in the running for the goods, email us at thecityofdevils@gmail.com or contact us here with your full name.