Judgement Day Festival

If you're not interested in our little party going down in Hollywood tomorrow night, you can celebrate our last day under the stars in the wastelands of Downtown Los Angeles:

Judgement Day Festival
Saturday, May 21st, 2010
5PM Door
Blue Star 2200 East 15th St. Downtown LA 90021 | 21+ | $8


  • 6PM: Olem
  • 7PM: A'rk
  • 8PM: Ride The Sun
  • 9PM: Hallowed Engine
  • 10PM: Totimoshi
  • 11PM: Ed Mundell's Ultra-Electric-Mega-Galactic
  • midn: Sonic Medusa

From the dark shadows of vacant buildings and the settled dirty dust of downtown Los Angeles, there is a beacon of light.  Behold, a rising star shining in the midst of cracked black tar & tetanus-laden rust, The Blue Star Bar.

In accordance with the hysterical ravings of religious fanatics, 2011 AD - May 21st has been declared 'Judgment Day' as deciphered by zealots from the Book of Genesis. On this 7000th Anniversary of the great flood, the powers that be, are pointing fingers and taking names. So if we gotta go out, we're gonna go out smokin'. This is why Armadillicious Music will be honoring this day of tribulation with a feverish, frenzied, sonic overload from the prophets of doom.

We are thrilled to bring you the following: 

ED MUNDELL'S ULTRA-ELECTRIC-MAGA-GALACTIC - With a discography as long as our arm, including his seminal work in Monster Magnet, Ed Mundell should need no introduction.  However, in case you aren't in the know, this project infuses his signature superfuzz sound deep into the essence that is progrock.  These adventurous arrangements will stretch your imagination and set you spiraling on an infinite journey.  As you travel amongst the stars, floating and drifting into the limitless universe, it becomes a dream within a dream and you're sure to enjoy the ride.

TOTIMOSHI - Themes of compassion, violence, sex and death are common. Deeply reflective and enigmatic lyrics are streamlined and intertwined with explosive and intricate guitar work, pummeling bass and saw toothed precision drums recalling mid-period Zeppelin in a peyote-soaked thunder blues. This eclectic balance and groovily warped Spanish influence creates an ecstatic sludge with pure pop melodicism matched with post punk dynamics.

HALLOWED ENGINE - Thick riffs and nonstop energy are brought to the stage with a vengeance.  Be prepared to be brought to your knees by the gospel of their guitar-driven, bass-heavy, groove-laden tunes.  These are further enhanced by lead singing bass player Laurie Es, whose voice is tailor-made for rock n' roll courtesy of a church choir that could only have been formed by the devil himself.  All of these components fit perfectly into the steamrolling sound that is Hallowed Engine as they careen down the path of sin.  This is a testimony to the feeling which is brought about when you know you’re being so, so bad but it feels oh so good. 

SONIC MEDUSA - Sonic Medusa features members from White Zombie, The Obsessed, Angel Rot, Hollywood Rose, Goatsnake and Sourvein (amongst others). These rockschool professors have a carefully crafted tunage that is “jaw-droppingly” astounding. Take some early Iron Maiden, sift out the arrogance, coat heavily with Black Sabbath and top off with equal amounts of Motorhead. After being pummeled thoroughly, you might survive long enough to absorb the mighty strains that Sonic Medusa unleashes at a punishing volume.

RIDE THE SUN - How there wasn’t already a band called Ride the Sun before these San Diego stoner bruisers came along, we’ll never know. But they certainly hit on the right niche name-wise. Given their proclivity toward all things sandy and expansive, their fiery moniker brings forth visions of scorched desert plains, solarized by the cruel heat of a punishing sungod. The band plays an extra-beardly style of stoner rock, compounded with big guitars, big bass and big drums. If massive desert riffs are your cup of poison, look no further. Ride the Sun defines the genre. 

A'RK - As you travel down the Big River of Sludge, made from the grievious errors of the damned, your soundtrack is a requiem mass provided by A'rk.  Slower than a glacier, more mass than a black hole, A'rk is at the helm of the ship guiding your interminable crawl through the Lake of Fire.  They deliver you to Hell's chain gang, where you receive your pick axe & you begin your eternal job as a railroad worker in the Ossaury of hell.  A'rk's thrusting rhythms and impaling guitar assure you, you will be held captive for all eternity.

OLEM - Olem dances you between ambient guitar work and tribal rhythms as old as Eden itself.  They are the temptation on the tree of life.  Whispering swirling promises of auditory ecstasy, Olem beckons you forth to bite the seemingly flawless, ripened, juicy apple without a second thought.  They craft their offerings to bait you and as you continue your approach, the idea of  that plump yet forbidden fruit seems like an ambrosial delicacy which simply cannot be forgone.  Encircling you with promises of all your desires fulfilled, you forget your covenant with the Divine and just as that first morsel of longing hits your tongue, the serpent has betrayed you. The viper buries fangs deep into your flesh and what was once the honeyed tongue becomes forked w/the sharp agony of lost hope, leaving you in the empty desert as you wonder what just happened.

Armadillicious Music has consistently presented the highest caliber of music in the Los Angeles area for the past 5 years. Each event is commemorated with an incredible collectable poster by Laurie Es. The esthetic and vibe of every Armadillicious happening is reminiscent of the Austin Texas counterculture concerts that were once presented by Armadillo World headquarters. Armed with the theory that music is both auditory and visual, Armadillicious takes pride in booking memorable events that are certain to make a mark in rock history.