Is It Invisible Or Is It White?

FARFLUNG is Los Angeles's HAWKWIND.  But like so many other great local bands, it seems you have to be European to recognize this greatness.  In a city where the number of medical marijuana dispensaries exceeds that of traditional pharmacies, it is one of the great mysteries to this transplant why Los Angeles has not fully embraced this band.  Does space rock in the American home of the space cookie just make too much sense? Each of the far few times we have seen them perform has been a revelation, albeit an unsatisfying one, because their sets don't come close to outlasting an edible.  

But this night is about celebrating the upcoming release of ANCESTORS' new EP, Invisible White, a record we have not heard except for a few songs at a live performance at a short-lived downtown venue a few months back.  To be fair, we were kindly invited to the studio during the recording on more than one Sunday night by the band's frontman, Justin Maranga, and we never made it.  But if you have ever seen I Love You, Man, you know that married men must reserve Sunday night's for watching HBO with their wives, unless RUSH happens to be playing the Avalon. 

So what does this EP sound like?  From what we heard that night it's certianly a departure from the first two full-lengths, almost Floydian, but that should be the point of an EP.  Here's what some Australians have to say, who were hoping to hear a new TORCHE record but found a way to get over the disappointment: 

Though Ancestors’ sound is far from metal, the band takes cues from the genre’s heaviness to fashion a whimsical yet measured psychedelic dirge that sounds like Tom Waits getting together with Jesu to write a stirring eulogy for Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds.

So, suffice it to say this show is completely free.  And we endorse Three Clubs like no other bar in Hollywood as a place to spend your evening regardless of the entertainment.  Tip your bartenders! 

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