A Death Metal Show Sans Deathcore

HATE ETERNALORIGINVITAL REMAINS and ABYSMAL DAWN. My first reaction to this bill was more surprise than anything else. No deathcore on a major death metal tour? That’s a beautiful absurdity in today’s music climate. With the industry in such a rut, throwing a deathcore band into the lineup is a pretty good strategy for bringing in a new crowd. It’s nice to see that some folks still trust in the power of straight death metal to fill venues. 

HATE ETERNALORIGIN and ABYSMAL DAWN all have new records out, and they are absolutely crushing. It’s been fun getting on David Vincent’s case about “Radikult” and other gems off the new Morbid record, but this stuff actually warrants several listens. HATE ETERNAL’s Phoenix Amongst the Ashes is unrelenting all the way through. Check out “Haunting Abound” for a taste of the groovier side on the record. In a similar vein, ORIGIN’s Entity is a chaotic journey through lightning speed arpeggios and ridiculous vocal contrasts. 

Don’t miss LA’s own ABYSMAL DAWN when they kick the night off. They’re even heavier live than on their records, and they could easily be headlining the show.

Cure your case of the Mondays with this merciless death metal onslaught at the Key Club. Doors are at 6:30 and music begins at 6:45.

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