How About A Casual Saturday Afternoon?

It's the much anticipated return of Club My War, now without the O)))), which is silent anyhow.  Come join Eddie Solis and his two piece heavy punk band IT'S CASUAL this Saturday afternoon for a matinee show.  I've seen Eddie play in the afternoon and let me tell you he may be even more beautiful under the sun.  The way the light refracts off his spittle (is that band name taken? if not, it's my new side project to my main project SANTORUM) is something to behold.  Alas, I'm told this show will be indoors, but we can all hope Eddie may just find a way to bring it all out back to the patio.  If that fails, the consolation prize is that we have a pair of free tickets to give one of you.  Hit us up at or here with your full name.  The winner will be notified on Thursday.