The Return Of Huntress

HUNTRESS formed in 2009 as a marriage between 4 boys that met at school in Santa Cruz and together consumed pounds of weed culminating in a band known as PROFESSOR,  and a pinup girl with classical vocal training that hosts parties on the Sunset Strip.   Like most marriages, the end result could be a trainwreck or a beautiful thing.  This one looked particularly unlikely to succeed, and lo and behold, Friday night marks the debut of a brand new rhythm section.  Is the party over?  We're still waiting to render the verdict.  The early signs were encouraging.  Last year's shows and EP hinted at band that could successfully re-mine the territory of the classic metal bands of yesteryear.  Lead singer Jill Janus (aka DJ Tuesdae) displayed a bit of an infatuation with the almighty King Diamond, and with the pipes to hit his high notes, I was personally hoping for a modern and California-take on MERCYFUL FATE that could potentially rival (if not share the stage with) European upstarts like IN SOLITUDE and PORTRAIT.  But the full-length we were expecting has yet to arrive.  Friday night should give us the opportunity to hear plenty of new material and sense out the new band's chemisty and creative direction.  Court is adjouned until Saturday.

In support will be Mammoth Mountain's VALDUR, who have been tagged with the somewhat unfortunate yet deserved label of best unsigned black metal act in our great state.  Many nights I have stood before their awesome power and convinced myself I must personally remedy that status.  The fact I haven't says more about me, than them.  And then there's DREAMING DEAD, fronted by Elizabeth Schall, who's skills on the guitar need to be witnessed in person.  The band she has assembled is so technically sound that it has left me in a transfixed, mouth agape condition, but her passion is what should take them to the highest of levels.  That the band is still searching for notoriety reflects poorly on all of us metal fans.