That Other Friday Show

So it turns we out have some eastside competition tomorrow night for the HUNTRESS/DREAMING DEAD/VALDUR show we're co-presenting at Three Clubs.  We're pretty cutthroat over here so we're not going to say much beyond the fact that we've met a few members of both bands and they are sweet as can be, and each band has made a few nights of our lives god damn memorable.  So we thank them for that.  We can also say that one of their band members has made a record that has been surprise hit of the summer over here on the City of Devils stereo.  It's for those rare moments when heavy is not the cure.  This is what she had to say about the making of the record:

I spent a lot of time in the back seat of the van looking out the window and playing a little travel sized electric guitar. I recorded several meditative ambient improvisations which became one continuous piece of music about 30 min long. Think DeadMan soundtrack - textures, drones and melodies that break through, repeat and fade back into the drone. Its an instrumental guitar work, somewhat improvised and recorded in a moving van over the course of 6 weeks.

Enjoy.   Our only complaint is her picture:  she's lovely but it's that package on the table to which we must object.  If you need to smoke, go filterless.  That "Light" bullshit is just a scam, and the flavor awful.  Our motto has always been "Kill yourself with taste."  And if you look hard enough on this page, you might find out where she is playing tomorrow.