The Power Of The Earth, The Green, And The Wood

I've been out of town for a long time trying to make a living, but this weekend I get to return home, and the timing is most excellent.  We're co-presenting a show Friday night with LA Record at The Dark Horse (ex-Bordello), on the quiet fringes of downtown.  The headliner, EARTHLESS, seems to divide the metal world.  I get it.  Many people think they're a jam band.  But if that's right, make no mistake that this is the jam band music of your dorm days, the kind that incited daydreams of mass violence.  No, these boys from San Diego play a far different kind of jam - think Zeppelin if Plant didn't show up to practice and the others decided to drop acid.  There's so much pure talent on display that while you can hate the game, you can't hate the players.  

EARTHLESS has been somewhat inactive lately, a least by their standards.  Guitarist Isaiah Mitchell move up north to be with his girl, and drummer Mario Rubalcaba has been criss-crossing the nation with punk supergroup OFF!  So whether we will hear any new music is unclear, but I'm not sure it matters - each show I've seen is unique even though certain riffs permeate all of them.  Joining them will be LA's GREEN & WOOD, the doom stoner band featuring Ethan Fowler, who along with Mr. Rubalcaba, is an esteemed skateboarder.  As we've reported, Fowler and his crew (that recently has included the extremely busy Eric Harris of GYPSYHAWK) are on upswing and are living up to the quality of their slef-titled debut.  

We've got two pairs to give away for this one.  If you want a shot at them, email us at or contact us here.  We'll announced the winners on Thursday.