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Before EARTH plays the Echoplex Saturday night (ticket contest still open), NYC's LITURGY headlines an early evening show upstairs at The Echo with CHELSEA WOLFE and IDES OF GEMINI (who replace their sister band, BLACK MATH HORSEMAN, who dropped off the bill for undisclosed reasons), a welcome new arrival on the local scene.  LITURGY may be the most controversial black metal band in America, and it seems to be much ado about nothing.  The best that can be said is that at least this controversy has absolutely nothing to do with Nazism/White Nationalism/etc.  But there's still a manifesto involved, entitled "Transcendental Black Metal" and penned by frontman Hunter Hunt-Hendrix, who presented it at Hideous Gnosis, a 2009 Brooklyn symposium on black metal theory.  i'm not fucking with you.    

This foray into academia had earned LITURGY the "hipster" tag, which in metal seems to be worse for your career than being labeled a "murderer".  I haven't read the manifesto and have no plans to do so.  The expressions on Triple H's bandmates during this interview pretty much say it all.  But with 111 Likes and 589 Dislikes, maybe this guy is on to something?  

However you analyze it, what matters in the end is the music.  Triple H thinks his band is doing something different.  You should listen, and judge for yourself whether he's right, and if being different a is good thing.  Usually it is.  We can give four of you the opportunity to do so for free with a special friend.  If you would like a shot at a pair, send us your full name to or contact us here.  Winners will be informed on Thursday.

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