The Return of MOAB

There's no denying it.  We've done a piss-poor job of promoting our own show this Friday at Three Clubs.  We can give you excuses, sone of them even legit, but we won't.  The fact is the headliner, MOAB, has come all this way without our help, and its pure hubris to think they need anything from us now.  The true promoter of this show, Martin DePedro of OVRCAST COLLECTIVE, has championed the band for as long as we can remember.  And each time they played his events, the buzz grew.  Martin was surely on to something.  And just when it felt like their big break was to happen, they went away...for a real long time.  It was an unorthodox move for a growing band, but the time was well spent.  The end result is a new record, Ab Ovo, that we just learned will be released August 16th on Kemado Records, who have also put our albums by the likes of SAVIOURS, CHILDREN, DANAVA and one of our favorites of the year, TRUE WIDOWS's Snake Eyes.  We've had an advanced copy of Ab Ovo for a while now (you can pre-order it here now), and the production by Mathias Schneeberger (Saint Vitus, Electric Wizard, Brant Bjork, The Obsessed) truly sets it apart from most of the shit that finds its way into our inbox.  It's warm, its heavy, and it's rock in the truest and best sense, not indie at all, and frequently conjures memories of the early QOTSA records that never grow old.  This is an album that should be huge, but never will in this age of no tour support, when musicians with families simply cannot afford to go out on the road for more than a few weeks a year.  The upshot is that MOAB will be our little secret, another undiscovered gem in the City of Devils.