The Power Of The Riff Mix Tape

Just two weeks until Los Angeles's most significant underground metal festival of the summer.  But not metal only.  Here's the mission statement:
Curated and organized by Greg Anderson and Sam James Velde with the intent to blur the lines between Metal, Hardcore, Punk and Rock music. To celebrate and encourage the cross over of genres and to dispel the common homogeny that exists within today’s music cultures. An event that honors fans and musicians of ‘heavy music’ of all ages. Tapping into a line up that represents the forefathers, milestones and current touring acts, while shedding light on ‘up and coming’ acts and local acts.

The second annual Power Of The Riff festival (now expanding to San Francisco/Seattle) will take place Saturday, August 13th at the Echo/Echoplex in Echo Park.  The lineup features something for everybody, and will likely challenge anybody that thinks they have a full grasp on the current state of heavy music.  I can personally say that SOUTHERN LORD's recent roster additions has single-handledly caused me to reconsider my belief that hardcore's best years were in the past.  This a festival that will introduce you to new and old bands of the highest quality.  There's nothing more you can ask for.   

For a preview of what you will hear, download this great mix tape featuring songs by each of the performers.  Here's the tracklist:
  1. All Pigs Must Die - Pulverization
  2. Baptists - Good Parenting
  3. Eyehategod - Jackass In The Will of God
  4. Masakari - Trapped In the Mold
  5. Alpinist - Hak Nam
  6. Skin Like Iron - Consequences
  7. Early Graves - Wraiths
  8. Seven Sisters of Sleep - Sundown
  9. Pentagram - Call The Man
  10. Black Breath - Children of the Horn
  11. Plagues - Breathing
  12. Harassor - Glory Raped
  13. Acephalix - Interminable Night
  14. Black Cobra - Negative Reversal
  15. Slave - Rise of Shame
  16. Trap Them - Carnage Incarnate
  17. Noothgrush - Oil Removed
  18. Pelican - Strung Up From the Sky
  19. Winter - Eternal Frost

We have 6 pairs of tickets to give away for the festival.  To enter, please send us your full name and a link to your favorite video (live or otherwise) of one of the bands to or by contacting us here.  We will post a winning video each day starting this Tuesday until we run out of tickets.  If the response is good, we'll try to get more.   

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