The Wolf

When I got back to town last week, I was greeted by Tom Neely's new book, The Wolf.  Tom regularly DJs at Heavy Tuesday, a weekly dose of 70s and 80s cock rock, metal, glam and more at Footsies, my local watering hole in Glassell Park.  He was kind enough one night to give me some copies of Henry & Glenn Forever, the hypothetical yet oddly realistic and touching love story between two of your favorite rock icons that he and the other boys of Igloo Tornado put out a few years back.  I tried to throw him some cash, but he refused.  When I saw the video preview of his newest solo work, I immediately purchased three books through PayPal.  There was no way I would not let him compensate me for this effort.  I may not be a creative person, but that only makes me appreciate creators more.  The Wolf consists of hundreds of beautifully painted pieces of art that can easily stand alone but collectively work together as a graphic novel exploring the tried and tested themes - love, sex and violence - through his unique vision.  The story is uncomfortably familiar, at least to me, so much so that my wife actually asked if somehow I served as the inspiration.  I have no reason to believe that, but if true, I think Tom ows me some of my money back.

The book release party is this Friday at The Secret Headquarters, the comic book store adjacent to Vacation Vinyl in Sunset Junction.  You can learn more about Tom reading this interview he just did with LA Weekly.  And here's the video that drew me in.  I hope it has the same effect on you.