How To Cure That TPOTR Hangover

You've got to be tired as shit.  Standing all day, ears exposed to maximum decibles, the constant consumption of alcohol, rubbing bodies with hundreds of not-so-kep strangers, joints galore....So how do you get through today?  If the adages are correct, do more of the same.  And you can with no pain to your pocket by heading to the Sunset Strip for another Scion Metal Matinee show.  Sunday is probably the best today to visit that part of the city.  The Rainbow is there to start you up, and shut you down.  You may not have many more opportunities to enjoy an afternoon of coprorate-sponsored stage diving.  Mr. Greg Anderson, Southern Lords's labelhead, co-curator of The Power Of The Riff and much more, predicts the end is near

You've also mentioned that the Power of the Riff is different from events like the Scion-sponsored monthly metal shows at the Roxy. How so?

The Scion thing is gonna go away once they realize that hard-core punk and metal kids aren’t gonna buy their toaster box cars. I think it’s amazing that they’re throwing the money around right now to do that and allow some of these bands to get paid well and give the fans a good show for free. But at the same time, it’s not gonna be there forever. We wanna stand on our own feet. That’s how we got to where we are and it’s part of the ethos of the scene we’ve been involved in since we were very young.